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4 Ball Ambrose Game

The format of play will be a 4-ball Ambrose game. Please find below information on this type of game along with golf rules, etiquette and dress code.

Rules of Ambrose
Ambrose is the most social and quickest of all golf games and should take around 4.5 hours for an 18 hole round. Ambrose is played in teams of two, three or four. The team selects a captain on the tee (usually the lowest marker) and they decide on the order of play. Every subsequent drive from the tee must be played in the same order. The players then play a shot from the tee and proceed to their ball. The captain then decides on the best-positioned ball and the other players retrieve their balls.

Each member of the team must have at least three of his or her drives used during the round. Please mark on the card for each hole whose drive was used. Thus, in a four person team one person can have his or her drive used a maximum of nine times.

The player whose ball was chosen has the first shot and then each remaining player drops their ball within one club length of the spot, but no nearer the hole, and plays their next shot in the order originally decided by the captain. This procedure continues irrespective of whether the ball is on the fairway, in the rough, or in a hazard, until the play reaches the green.

On the green, the best position is again decided upon and marked. Each player then places their ball within a club length of this spot and has one putt in turn. They must not putt out, but each ball position must again be marked and the procedure repeated until a ball is holed, or a score cannot be bettered. In the interests of speed a tap-in putt may be taken after a good first putt and then the other long putts.

The card is marked as for a single stroke round and the lowest score wins the competition. It is important to note that every player must have their handicap marked on the card. Only one score is kept for the entire team, regardless of the number of members. Handicaps are calculated by adding those of all players and dividing the total by: 4 in a two-ball team, 6 in a three-ball and 8 in a four-ball team. The nett score is calculated by subtracting the exact resulting handicap so all those fractions count.

The single stroke game requires all strokes to be counted and players are unable to pick up the ball without penalty. The score for the 18 holes is tallied and the handicap is deducted from that total. The lowest score wins, both for gross and nett.

The Rules of Golf contains over 40 definitions which form the foundation around which the rules of play are written. A good understanding of the defined terms will help in the correct application of the rules.

  • Teeing Ground - the starting place for the hole, defined by two tee-markers.
  • Through the Green - the whole area of the golf course except the teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played and all hazards.
  • Hazards - any bunker or water hazard.
  • Putting Green - an area specially prepared for putting and containing a 4 1/2 inch diameter hole.
  • Out of Bounds - ground on which play is prohibited.
  • Loose Impediments - natural objects such as stones, leaves and twigs provided they are not fixed or growing, are not solidly embedded and are not sticking to the ball.
  • Obstructions - any man-made object in the area "Through the Green".
  • Casual Water - any temporary accumulation of water on the course which is visible before or after the player takes his stance (dew and frost are not casual water).

Ground Under Repair - any portion of the course so marked by the committee. Also includes material piled for removal and a hole made by a greenskeeper, even if not so marked.

The Rules Of Play

Before beginning your round:

  • Read your score card and check for local rules.
  • Check golf balls with other members of your group. Make sure you are not playing the same identified golf balls.
  • Check your golf clubs. You are only allowed a maximum of 14 clubs, and make sure you have what you need for the round.
Etiquette and our ‘take on it’

Etiquette is how you play the game after you have mastered the rules. It is the hidden rules that make golf what it is today. Following these simple etiquette rules makes golf fun for everyone:

  • Never talk, move or stand too close to a player who is making a stroke.  That is if you value your head!
  • Make sure the group in front of you is out of the way before continuing play. No aiming for the competition ahead please.
  • Keep up a steady pace, as not to slow play.  Yes, we have lots to get through... make it quick!
  • Let faster groups play through.
  • Spend only five minutes looking for a lost ball.  And this doesn’t mean collecting them out of the water.
  • Leave the green after holing out. Count score on next hole... and keep it moving.
  • Replace all divots and repair ball marks on the green...  If you dig it out replace it.
  • Rake sand traps after use.  
  • Do not step on another player’s line of putt.
  • Do not drop clubs on the putting green. Yes, it puts holes on the green.
  • Follow all rules of the club house... Drink, eat and be merry…
Acceptable Clothing
  • Men: collared shirt, tailored pants, or shorts, non-ripple soled shoes, soft spikes or flat soled shoes.
  • Ladies: Collared shirt, tailored pants, skirt or shorts, non-ripple soled shoes, soft spikes or flat soled shoes.

Please note: no denim, board shorts, track suit pants, singlets or thongs are permitted.

Friday, 22 March 2019
Oaks Cypress Lakes Golf & Country Club, Hunter Valley