R and R… the Be Challenged way !

Rest and recover .. not on our watch!

At these workshops you will learn to embrace happiness and positivity by looking, laughing and listening...

Come along to some unforgettable workshops that will allow you to further connect with yourself and provide you with the clarity to develop a deeper understanding and relationship with those close to you.  Experience a bucket list experience that will take your breath away.  Be Challenged – It's Personal

What to expect

The morning will kick start with a Mindset, Beliefs & Attitudes workshop that moves each individual to create and sustain an immensely powerful inner drive and motivation. Where material and financial incentives fail to keep people striving to achieve, the most effective approach is for individuals to motivate themselves. Through coaching and interaction, the workshop equips you with techniques for creating and maintaining your own levels of motivation. There will be some surprises along the way, and you might even shock yourself in what you can achieve!

Workshop #2 allows you to experience some highly engaging technology. This tech will move you from one location of the venue to your next destination for workshop #3. The app has been used worldwide in multiple ways and you will get the opportunity to test yourself while utilising its capabilities to showcase the surrounding areas, making sure your visit to this beautiful part of Australia is not wasted.

And if you think you've been blown away with learning something new, having fun and networking, think again. Your final workshop for the day will, well and truly, be the Crescendo. You may need to draw on some of the tools provided in your Mindset, Beliefs & Attitudes workshop ... as you will need to get yourself ready for something unique, fun and rewarding. The final workshop brings us all together to perform what you might first think is unachievable ... but quickly you will be buzzed and mesmerized with what you have just produced!

We look forward to seeing you there, register now and you will not be disappointed.


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Friday, 22 March 2019
Oaks Cypress Lakes Golf & Country Club, Hunter Valley