Ageing Fearlessly and Corporate Art Workshop

Ageing Fearlessly Workshop

Karen Sander has a passion for ageing fearlessly and educating others to live a full, happy vibrant life, well into their prime. Author of the book 'Ageing Fearlessly', Karen helps men and women find that fountain of youth that will lead to lives full of fun and vitality.

Karen now has her own radio program Ageing Fearlessly, on 88.7 and 90.3. The focus of her interviews to provide educational and motivational to inspire the over 50's. The interviews are available as podcasts. Karen is also a regular guest on Talking Lifestyle including Dr Ross Walker, Tim Webster, Suzy Yates and Larry Emdur. Other media exposure include Prevention Magazine September 2015 and the Sunday Telegraph Body and Soul. Karen also writes for "Life Begins At" a magazines for the over 50's.

With over 20 years' experience in the pharmaceutical sector, and 15 years helping women find that right style, Karen now uses that knowledge to help people face age without fear.

Karen believes the secret to ageing fearlessly is physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, eating well, continued education and maintaining strong social networks.

In Karen's workshop participants will be introduced to Karen's seven point plan for ageing fearlessly which she aptly calls PREPARE.

Her view is that life after 50 should be a continuation of the exciting journey of life, and she is passionate about helping both women and men ensure that they are still turning heads well after reaching this milestone in their lives.

Jane Jackson, author of Navigating Career Crossroads – Amazon Australia's #1 best seller in 2016 – recently said: "Karen Sander is a woman on a mission to prove to all that age really is just a number. It is so true that ageing is inevitable but growing old is a choice. Karen's energy, enthusiasm, positivity and talent is inspirational. Her personal journey is one that gives you a huge motivational lift and to watch her in action is a joy."

Corporate Art Workshop

Think you can't draw? Don't have a creative bone in your body? After taking part in this workshop run by Byron Bay artist Irena Kirpichnikova you'll be thinking differently.

Using simple instructions, Irena will have you drawing like a pro. You will literally not believe what you created. Irena even guarantees that you will create your very own masterpiece.

As seen on The Living Room with Bondi Vet, Dr Chris Brown, Corporate Art is a fun team-building activity that will give participants added confidence in a fun and rewarding way.

Mars Australia's Erin Coysh said after participating in a Corporate Art workshop: "Irena took us out of our comfort zone and turned us all into artists. We would thoroughly recommend Irena to anyone. We are all very proud of our achievements."

And, we're sure you will be too!

URBIS' Kate McCann said: "I wouldn't have turned up if I knew it was art – but it was nothing short of amazing. That evening our art exhibition with our framed works had everyone excited with praising each other's masterpieces. The level of confidence and explosion of creativity was outstanding."

Friday, 3 November 2017
The Vintage and Chateau Elan Hunter Valley, NSW